We are in the favella



3 Responses to “We are in the favella”

  1. John Sumoski Says:

    The favella experience has trumped everything for me. I handed out Be Colonel buttons to the kids and they put them on their shirts and jackets immediately. I sat and spoke with the boys next to the futsal court for a long time, trying to understand them and visa versa. I was able to use some spanish from my archive, but it is different. BTW speaking louder does not help them understand better. The favella kids were very welcoming. The one thing we did not prepare for was that the players want to trade clothes, especially jerseys. I brought 3 of our old ones but could have literally used 200. Our players anxiously traded their wilkes sweatshirts for a jersey. I can imagine when we get home that we will have to order new practice shirts because everyone we play wants them.

    Lesson of the day: Too much organization in training youth is not a good thing. Let them play, and let them play futsal. They watch the greats play on TV and they mimic them on the futsal court.

    Its great to see how excited our players are. They are absolutely glowing. The futbol culture will be felt tomorrow along side 80,000 people at SPFC as they host -nternacionale for the world club championships’ semi-final.

  2. Megan from AC Perugia/Nazareth Blue Eagles Says:

    Hey Everyone,
    Wow what a great experience! Sounds like everybody is having a BLAST in Brazil. The kids you girls are training with seem like a joy to be around and play soccer with. Can’t wait to hear all about the upcoming days!
    Megan Strauser

  3. Wilkes University Soccer Says:

    […] We are in theĀ favella […]

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