Watch Fox Sports Espana tonight 8:45 EST


We are going to Sao Paolo F.C. Tonight for a huge semi final game against Inter. The game is on Fox Sports Espana at 8:45pm your time. They tell us since we have so many women, and blondes that the tv camera will go on us. Please watch!

5 Responses to “Watch Fox Sports Espana tonight 8:45 EST”

  1. Bob Fissel Says:

    I’m DVRing the game and also looking for those blondes. It looks crazy fun! Enjoy your day on the beach tomorrow.

  2. jeanne Says:

    we are watching and looking for you!

  3. Leslie Clementson Says:

    Darn, we don’t get that channel. I bet it is wild and I am so mad I can’t find it anywhere. Hope you all had fun, Enjoy the beach tomorrow.

  4. John Sumoski Says:

    The game was insane to get into. Now I know how people get crushed at games. It can get real ugly quick. Great game but inter moves to the final on aggregate. Great experience!

  5. Wilkes University Soccer Says:

    […] Watch Fox Sports Espana tonight 8:45¬†EST […]

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