Journey to Sao Sebastiao!


After a long long day of so many events, we woke early and got onto the bus for a three hour drive to Sao Sebastiao. We all slept most of the day, until we were woken by the beautiful scenery all around. We drove up and over and around the mountains and got to take so many pictures. Once we reached the ocean, a few of us in the back of the bus yelled “beaccchhhh” and woke up the whole rest of the bus. Yet we still had an hour left of driving to get to our hotel. Once we reached the hotel, we had lunch and went out to the beach and took pictures. We also got to go the shops all around the beach. They were small shops, but cute, good for souvenirs. We got to play with some of the people around the local area because they had found out we were here for soccer.  The night was a chill and hang out night. Tomorrow is another day of playing and touring and perhaps the nightlife in the town.

Ash and Fizz


2 Responses to “Journey to Sao Sebastiao!”

  1. G&G Says:

    miss your blogs What happened ? You must be very busy enjoying yourselves. Great. Enjoy the rest of your time down there Love G&G

  2. Wilkes University Soccer Says:

    […] Journey to Sao Sebastiao! […]

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