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We love Brazil day 4

August 7, 2010

Wake up- 8:00am bedtime- 6:00 am ! Longest day ever enjoyed every second of it. back to the favellas for day 2 of soccer with the kids. Soccer drills and games turned into dancing samba lessons and singing justin bieber. Even though we were there for a short time we truly did form friendships and bonds, language barriers aside talking and dancing together and taking lots of pictures made us feel so close to each other. One of the little girls gave Krista her necklace and we shared all of our silly bands with them. Seeing their houses was amazing and hearing that it is their biggest dream to go to disney world made us realize how well we have it and I am amazed that with the tiny houses some without doors but they do have a soccer field to come and play on which is even hard to find in some US towns.

One boy shavall (Jean Paol) around 10 years old was amazing to watch as he balanced the ball on his back and took of his shirt we all cheered for him. Fizz did a juggling trick and then he would do the same and vice versa, he didn’t speak a lot of english but would clap to say good job after she did a trick. Coach and him also bonded a lot and before leaving coach gave him his cross necklace one boy walked with us all the way back to the bus and said he would keep us is his hearts as he held up his hands making a heart, we all did it back as we waved out the bus windows sad to leave.

We stopped at a famous tree house which words won’t even do justice so please wait for pictures to follow. Back to the hotel for quick lunch and change clothes for our 7 v 7 game vs a team in red jerseys. It was a smaller turf field and we tied 2-2 megan and krista scored off of two headers from corners (which are corner throws here not corner kicks) from brooke and thorpe. After the game we took more pictures and met a player from the full brazil national team. After the game back to the hotel for quick dinner and change again to go to Sao Paulo game!!

We heard how crazy these games were and were all excited but it was a complete culture shock walking into the stadium. Thousands on people were chanting and we can hear hear the yelling from inside the stadium blocs away. We hand in our tickets linked arms with buddies as everyone stares ( we stand out just a little bit haha) then insanity begins I think its safe to say I have never been so close to any of my teammates as I was standing in the entrance to our gate in the stadium. We were pressed up so close to each other and everyone trying to get through the crowd to get to our seats in a single file chain trying so hard not to get separated. we make it to the top climbing the seats we are looking around and there is no football game, Superbowl, world series, or any kind of game that even comes close to comparing to this. Trying to explain the atmosphere is difficult to do but we do have some videos of the cheers and crowd that will hopefully help.

If you like soccer at all this is honestly an experience of a lifetime that I suggest putting on your bucket lists. Sao paulo scores first and the crowd erupts and cheers (they are already standing because no one sits at these games) but people bring out huge flags and red flares. Halftime= most interesting trip to the bathroom any of us have experienced. About 5 of us head down and you would have thought we were the most famous A list celebrity in america everyone not only stared but clapped and cheered as we walked by it was a standing ovation the entire way, and we were called beautiful and told I love you too more times then I can even count no line at the bathroom but we were handed toilet paper pre ripped for us before entering to take in with us..and were told not to flush it (side note coach just told us there are panthers and monkeys in this forest we are driving through.. I hope we have a picture to show soon) back to the game, we hike back up cheering and find out not many people know what pennsylvania is so we start saying we are from USA instead.

The game ends sao paulo wins 2 1 but needed to win by 2 goals to advance so the crowd was not celebrating. (sorry for the spelling and lack of punctuation just remember I’m going on 2 hours of sleep) we track back to the bus and try to decide the ultimate question: do we go to out and samba or go and sleep since its already past 12? some of decide that even though we have to wear sneakers, coach said sandals are against the rules, we put on some nicer shirts and go out with two of our awesome guides Marco and G . We took taxis and entered through the VIP entrance! ( A 50 dollar cover charge for everyone else was 1$ for us thanks to Marco) we are getting use to the staring by now so we go to front near the stage with the band and bright flashing lights. We dance and take pictures and found people who said more words in English than I love you and You’re beautiful.

Their way of dancing is nothing like our American way. We were dancing out of place until they put on I’ve got a feeling by the Black Eyed Peas. They then circled around us to watch us dance and fist pump like champs. We made some new friends, one being the owners son who gave us VIP passes to the VIP room. Looks like being beautiful and American pays off. ūüôā When it was time to leave, the entire group was confused as to why, but then realized it was 4am. The Brazilians were also confused as to why we were leaving because to them the night was young and still had a few good hours in them. We decided that we were VERY hungry and needed food ASAP and found a 24 hour Burger King up the street. Wow, we need these in america. We take some taxis back to the hotel, where we finally convince G and Marcos to beat box and sing Bobby Knight to us. We say our goodbyes to them in the lobby and try to convince both of them to come to the beach with us in a few hours. Unfortunately they decline the offer but we hope to stay in touch. Finally around 5:30, everyone returned to their rooms to pack and get a few hours of sleep before the drive in the morning. BEST.DAY.EVER. !!

Written and Illustrated by:
Ashley Thorpe, Brittany Ely, Megan Clementson, and Brooke Edwards ūüôā

Michele (Brazilian Women’s Nat’l Team) is in a green jacket, top row, 2nd from right. We will play against her and her club team Palmerias next Wed.


Watch Fox Sports Espana tonight 8:45 EST

August 5, 2010

We are going to Sao Paolo F.C. Tonight for a huge semi final game against Inter. The game is on Fox Sports Espana at 8:45pm your time. They tell us since we have so many women, and blondes that the tv camera will go on us. Please watch!

Day 2 adventures!

August 5, 2010

This morning we woke up bright and early. more cheerful might I add from the lack of sleep we had the day before. After breakfast we ventured off to the local favella where we got to see how some people here in Brazil live. ¬†Although the area wasn’t the best well kept, the kids were more happy and grateful¬†than ever. ¬†We participated in a futsol tournament where some of us Wilkes players were able to experience playing the girls in the town, and might I add they were very skilled! ¬†Before we even got the chance to play we were greeted with bubbly little boy who were playing a pick up game. ¬†Once they saw us they quickly welcomed us with intriguing eyes and questions. ¬†I will never forget their faces when we gave them Wilkes “be colonel” pins and W magnets. ¬†After the game, the girls were all excited to speak and exchange gear and also teach us some dance moves (might we add samba is very popular is Sao Paulo).

Following the futsol tournament, we were able to take a tour of the Sao Paulo futbol club stadium. ¬†This stadium is apart of the biggest private club in South America. ¬†We got to see the locker room that is only used by the Sao Paulo players and were able to walk through the actual tunnel with music playing. ¬†We were able to see the view from the presidents private VIP box and the museum where they held all their trophies including track, boxing, swimming, tennis, and many other sports. ¬†This stadium is by far the biggest stadium any of us have ever imagined ( for all you NFL fans out there, this makes the Giants look like pee-wee football). ¬†We ended our tour at the SPFC official gift store where we all got 10% off and used that to our advantage! ¬†Not only did we get to see what most Brazilian’s are never able to, but we also got tickets to the big game tomorrow night. ¬†It’s the semifinal for the Copa Libradatores – the club championship for South America. The winner gets a spot in the FIFA Club World Cup.

Finally, to end our day, we were able to play the woman’s top team in Sao Paulo where we were able to hold the score to a reasonable standard. ¬†One of the goals were scored by a girl who is currently on the Brazilian U20 national team. ¬†The score was 1-0 at half and ended with a hard fought 3-0. ¬†At the end we exchanged a team banner that most pro national teams exchange at the beginning of a game. ¬†We were also given the opportunity to exchange jerseys with some of the players, and even a few spoke some english! ¬†The night ended with some pizza from the local pizzeria which might I add gives New York a run for their money. ¬†We then did some shopping and are relaxing for our crazy day tomorrow, which includes: Favellas again, local shopping mall, 7v7 game, dinner, SPSF game at 10pm, then finally a Samba club where our translator sings.