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Day 1

August 3, 2010

It’s only 6:33 in America but here in Brazil the time is 7:33.  Yes, I know most of you think the time difference is minimal but with most of us going on no sleep for 2 days, it seems like its 11pM!  Today was very eventful but well worth it.  The culture shock was felt right as we left the plane.  It took us about 30mins to figure out the atm and exchange our money, then we entered our bus and got to see the traffic and city life of Sao Paulo.  It was ironically very similar to New York City with the traffic and every man for themselves.  We were almost frightened by the lack of respect for pedestrians!  Once we entered the hotel, and much thanks to our translator, we were able to see our hotel rooms.  They are much different than ones in America.  The rooms are much smaller and all the beds are twin size but the overall feel was very high-tech; we even needed to use our card to turn on the lights!

Walking around the city was eye opening; people automatically knew we were from America and couldn’t keep their eyes off of us.  The food here is actually not terrible; the hotel has provided great food, some we have never heard of, but nonetheless no one is starving.  The soda here is much different than home, besides the typical coca-cola.  They are much sweeter but very tasty.

We were also about to get a practice session in at a local field.  None of us expected to walk into what we did.  It was a city within itself: gated and with security.  The facility included numerous soccer fields, both turf and grass, beach volleyball courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, tennis courts, and even a zoo and play ground.  This was all within the busy city that seems to have little to no room, with most houses bordering one another.

We are now exhausted and will probably check out the pool/sauna spa in the hotel before we have a great night of sleep.  Tomorrow begins a whole new adventure in the country of Brazil.